#LoveSussexFood Mini Review

Flinders Coffee

Since starting the blog one coffee shop has been recommended to me time and time again: from friends, from Facebook groups, from The Parent Hood and from Gemma, founder and owner of Mutha.Hood in their Six at 6pm interviews. And the same 2 things come up time and time again: the best Sussex Charmer (cheese)… Continue reading Flinders Coffee

Six at 6pm

Six at 6pm with… Katie (hello, it’s me!) from Sussex Born & Fed

So, this evening, I thought it would be fun to do my own Six at 6pm. Partly because I haven't managed to interview anyone for this week; partly because I reckon you shouldn't ask any questions that you wouldn't answer yourself. So for one week only, here I am, the star of my own show:… Continue reading Six at 6pm with… Katie (hello, it’s me!) from Sussex Born & Fed


#LoveSussexFood No. 6 – Easter Break

I’ve had a fantastic break over Easter, especially as The Husband was off work with The Girls for the second week.  So nice to have everyone home; so sad to send them all back today. I hope you had a great Easter too. Any foodie highlights you’d love to share? Why not send me a… Continue reading #LoveSussexFood No. 6 – Easter Break


#LoveSussexFood Roundup No. 4 18/03/2019 – 25/03/2019

This week’s been a little quiet on the recommendation front. BUT there was the amazing, epic Six at 6pm with Mutha.Hood and we’ve continued on our very own gastronomic tour of Sussex. Come and tell me all about your family’s favourite restaurant, cafe, shop, pub or food in Sussex. You can post a message on… Continue reading #LoveSussexFood Roundup No. 4 18/03/2019 – 25/03/2019


DOUBLE REVIEW: Slake & Lindfield Coffee Works

Last week, when I asked for coffee shop recommendations in a local Facebook Group in Haywards Heath, two places came up time and time again: Slake and Lindfield Coffee Works in Lindfield. Slake was also one of The (Parent) Hood's recommendations in their Six at 6pm. I haven't been to Lindfield for a long time,… Continue reading DOUBLE REVIEW: Slake & Lindfield Coffee Works


#LoveSussexFood Roundup No. 3 12/3/2019 – 19/3/2019

Welcome to Roundup No.3. And what another awesome week it’s been. We’ve had lots of fun trying out some of your suggestions. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying exploring the food right here on our doorstep in Sussex. Fab Haywards Heath & Lindfield Recommendations from Facebook Group New Haywards Heath Gossip Thanks to… Continue reading #LoveSussexFood Roundup No. 3 12/3/2019 – 19/3/2019


Cafes With Something for Everyone – Mid Sussex

I ran a Facebook poll last week asking whether I should write up a guide to buggy friendly cafes or a guide about cafes with something for everyone. The margin was pretty slim and Something for Everyone narrowly won. These cafes are the places you can retreat to as a parent safe in the knowledge… Continue reading Cafes With Something for Everyone – Mid Sussex

#LoveSussexFood Mini Review

Bread & Milk, Brighton

As part of my #LoveSussexFood campaign, I'm going to be running a series of mini reviews of some of the places I've enjoyed visiting recently. The first in this series is, Bread&Milk in Brighton. We ended up in Bread & Milk on Saturday for lunch. We hadn't planned to, but the heady combination of family… Continue reading Bread & Milk, Brighton


Old Dave’s Gourmet Burger Co.

Old Dave's Gourmet Burger Co in Eastbourne is a total find - it’s laid back, the food is delicious and it’s super family-friendly with something for everyone. We were in Eastbourne last Sunday for The Sooty Show. It was at a slightly awkward time given that we’re a 45 minute drive away and need to… Continue reading Old Dave’s Gourmet Burger Co.


Perfect Dairy-Free Pancakes

Pancakes are everything in our house. We🧡them. Luckily for us, my other half is a total legend when it comes to making pancakes. When we first met he’d make a huge stack a gloriously sweet and syrupy fruit sauce (often made from plums). He’d serve them up with the sauce, ice cream and coffee and… Continue reading Perfect Dairy-Free Pancakes