Find A Healthy Relationship With Food: Yes, You Can Eat (Kale &) Cake!

How are you feeling about your body and eating habits post-lockdown? I’ve thought about my own body image and whether or not I should be on a diet, carb-free, exercising more, cutting out the sweet treats and coffee multiple times a day during the pandemic. I don’t think I’m alone. It’s such a touchy subject. And not one that I’d readily crack open with many friends. Enter Sarah Moore, founder of Kale & Cake.

Sarah’s a nutrition and eating psychology coach who previously ran a clinic from her home, moving her coaching online during lockdown. She’s about to launch her brand new 6-week course, which is more accessible than her 1-2-1 sessions, and starts on Monday 7th September. If you want to address any niggly eating concerns, get in tune with your body’s queues and comfortable in your own skin, it’s definitely worth considering.

And I’m passionate about sharing this with you because I’m one of Sarah’s ex-clients. I’ve always struggled with my body image. It started with a comment in my ballet class when I was 5. The little girl next to me pointed at my stomach and asked why I had such a fat tummy (I didn’t). She pointed at her tummy and told me that she was “nice and thin”. I felt so ashamed of my perfectly healthy 5 year old body. And desperately wanted to be “nice and thin” too.

Body Positivity Drop Out

I’ve tried really hard to set a healthy eating example for my girls. But truth beknown, I’m a lifelong yo-yo dieter. I’ve done them all. From Slim Fast to South Beach; restricted calories to No Carb, Low Carb and Low GI. Everything to get rid of the “fat tummy”. That early years’ shit sticks.

The Skinny Dream

Two years ago, I lost 2.5 stone (Mediterranean diet), dropping from 10 and a half stones to 8 stones by obsessively counting calories: eating fewer than 1,200 calories a day, ditching carbs and exercising as much as I could squeeze into my schedule with small children. Older relatives and neighbours wondered if I was ill. The husband thought it was a bit too much. A handful of women practically high-fived me for dedication to the weight loss cause. It was an achievement. And without a doubt I LOVED it. No-one could point and call me fat. Now, after all these years I was nice and thin too. And that felt powerful.

On the flip side, I was hungry most of the time. My nails were dull and split. I looked gaunt and sallow without makeup. My periods did weird things. I started to feel anxious about gaining weight and losing the powerful feeling. I couldn’t relax if we ate out. I wouldn’t order the foods I really fancied eating. Worst of all, I was setting an awful example for my two young girls. I was showing them that thin took priority over everything else.

Hello, Sarah

Sarah Moore Eating Chocolate
Sarah Moore, founder of Kale & Cake

I’ve followed Sarah Moore, founder of Kale & Cake, on Instagram for nearly two years now. And I adore her eating philosophy. She was an early interviewee on Six at 6pm back in 2019. And I became a client last summer. We talked about so much stuff. It was a real eye opener. The upshot is that she’s given me lifelong techniques for enjoying food and staying on a healthy even keel.

So I want to tell you…

You don’t have to feel rubbish about your eating habits

Sarah Moore founder of Kale & Cake
The new Kale & Cake Healthy Mindset Course is GO!

There’s lots of talk in the press at the moment about how to lose the “Covid stone” and again I am cropping up to try and act against that diet mentality and instead encourage a healthy relationship with food. Emotional eating might have been more prevalent during lockdown, and I have proper strategies in how to deal with that during my course (there’s a whole module dedicated to it.)

Sarah Moore, founder of Kale & Cake

A Healthy Mindset is Everything

The course costs £120 and the six modules cover:

  1. Hunger & Fullness: How to truly recognise your hunger and fullness
  2. Forbidden Foods: How to deal with the “bad” foods that make you feel out of control
  3. Emotional Eating: including boredom and stress
  4. Trusting Your Inner Voice: How to find your intuitive eating voice and ignore what culture, the media and our parents might have told us
  5. Body Acceptance: how to love and respect the body you have and stop chasing perfection
  6. Good Nutrition: How to give your body good nutrition, energy and stamina so that you feel good

Those taking Kale & Cake’s course will be guided through each module with a video. There’s also a weekly workbook with information and exercises, to download and keep.

Is it for you?

It’s for you if you:

  • Need to reconnect with your body and form a healthier outlook on food
  • Overeat and feel unhappy about it
  • Emotionally eat (including when bored or stressed)
  • Yo Yo diet and feel sick of the diet cycle
  • Feel out of control around food or certain foods
  • Are constantly consumed with thinking about what you should or shouldn’t be eating.

And where am I a year later?

Smack bang in the middle of my BMI, enjoying bigger, comfier, stretchier jeans. Enjoying a piece of my own cake when we go out rather than a couple of small forkfuls of the girls. I genuinely feel that my worth is more than a number on a set of bathroom scales or waist band label. And I see the affection in my girls actions when they poke mummy’s squidgy tummy rather than seeing it as a prompt to get back on the diet. And that’s everything.

Check out Sarah’s website here and email her to enquire about places on her course.

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