Playmobil EverDreamerz 2 Review: Awesome Collectibles For Screen-Free Fun

We had the absolute pleasure of reviewing the new Playmobil EverDreamerz range this week. The range is designed for girls over 7 and combines digital and real-world storytelling to encourage kids to get stuck into fun, immersive role play together. Playmobil launched these new collectible figures earlier this year. Series one was based on Candy World and the latest is based on Comic World.

Screen-Free Fun

Opening the big box of Playmobil on a completely miserable morning was a big win. We had a (mostly) screen-free morning and lots of fun. And during these strange times, that’s pretty much unheard of!

Playmobil EverDreamerz Comic World Set
Cheering up a very miserable rainy morning

Although the Everdreamerz range is aimed at girls over 7, the Little One (5) really enjoyed playing with these toys too. She’s naturally drawn to immersive role playing games and got the concept immediately. The supporting video content only added to their excitement and they spent the rest of the day singing the catchy Playmobil EverDreamerz ear-worm (parents: you’ve been warned!)…

The EverDreamerz Comic World Figures

There are 5 main characters to collect and 12 surprise supporting characters. Playmobil sent us all 5 main figures and 2 surprise boxes to review.

EverDreamerz Comic Wolrd Colorista Figure
Limited Edition: Colorista

The Big Surprise Boxes contain one of the main characters. The surprises are the accessories rather than the figure. They’re super colourful and come with lots of awesome bits and bobs – swappable hairstyles, costume extras like clip on capes and skirts, cute pets, comics, flags and cartoony speech bubbles to hold. I love the Roy Lichtenstein-esque touches; the girls loved pretty much everything about the contents of the boxes.

Playmobil EverDreamerz magic stickers and water pen.
Magic stickers and water pen

The Surprise Boxes contain a fun Comic World themed figure (although this time unknown), some accessories and a charm. They don’t contain the water pen, magic stickers or bracelet and are quite obviously supporting characters to the Big Surprise Box figures.

The girls liked both types of box. But the Surprise Boxes caused a squabble because they contain unknown characters. The Little One opened up the first, with Limited Edition Colorista inside; The Big One opened up a palpably disappointing Mr Fastfood (not Limited Edition, not as exciting, and *quelle horreur* a boy).

Unboxing Heaven

First impressions count. And the girls couldn’t have been more excited when they clapped eyes on the boxes. Someone’s given these some thought. If your kids love unboxing, these are seriously good.

  1. Rip open the packaging with a special tab, then slide the outer (cardboard) sleeve off.
Playmobil EverDreamerz Comic World unboxing.
Unboxing Heaven!

2. Open up the box like a book to reveal gift shaped parcels inside.

Playmobil EverDreamerz Comic World unboxing.
So fun!

3. Lift out the small gift shaped boxes and carefully open.

Playmobil EverDreamerz Comic World unboxing.
Who doesn’t love a box in a box?

4. Finally, tear open the plastic packaging to reveal the surprise items and play figure.

What’s in the box?

What's in the box?
Lots of surprises inside.
  1. A collectible figure
  2. A bracelet, 2 beads and a charm
  3. Magic stickers to colour in with a water pen
  4. Accessories for the figures
  5. Collectible cards
  6. Character stickers
  7. A cute pet


It’s not just about the immersive role play with these figures. We sat and made friendship bracelets together, compared charms, made friendship pacts and looked at the additional charms you can collect through the smaller Surprise Boxes. The bracelets have been as popular with the girls as the figures. They really enjoyed colouring in the stickers, which fade after a while and need colouring in all over again. Combined with rubbing the little amulet to transport them to Comic World, making up all-sorts of scenarios with the figures plus the time unboxing, making bracelets, and colouring in, there’s a lot of value in these boxes.

Playmobil EverDreamerz charm bracelet.
Cute charm bracelets come in each of the Big Surprise boxes

A wholesome L.O.L. alternative

The girls loved that the characters are super hero girls, with fashion items and quirky hobby accessories. When they started unboxing I was struck with the similarity to the L.O.L. Doll concept, except that these are much more wholesome and there’s a whole lot less plastic.

Lots of empty boxes and toys in a living room.
A fun morning of unboxing and playing with all the little bits and pieces.

Playmobil EverDreamerz Comic World – The Pros

  • Super colourful girl characters who are heroes with hobbies
  • Lots of unboxing
  • Use your imagination, make a bracelet, colour in stickers and dress up your character.
  • Mostly cardboard packaging, just a little plastic wrapping inside.
  • Perfect gifts for birthday parties / stocking fillers
  • Wholesome, make-believe fun.

Playmobil EverDreamerz Comic World – The Cons

  • I had to watch the YouTube video to “get” the full extent of the clever packaging and all of the elements. We would have missed the cardboard magical amulet if we hadn’t watched the video. And I wouldn’t have worked out that the big photo of each character inside the sleeve combines with the other boxes to make a group photo of all the characters.
  • The first box got ripped in the excitement of opening it up, so we weren’t able to make full use of it’s reusable-ness.
  • I’m not sure how we get the sticker album for the character stickers. The girls really wanted this once they saw it online.

From the mouths of babes…

“The characters are girls and superheroes!”.

“I LOVE this colouring pen”

“Look! This is absolutely cool! I can change their hairstyle and clip on their skirt!”

“Mummy, you always get the best toys” 😉

“Can Father Christmas bring us all of the Candy World dolls?”

The Conclusion

Girl playing with Playmobil figures.
More Comic World fun at the kitchen table.

The girls spent a whole morning unboxing and playing happily with their characters. Unboxing was a big highlight. They made bracelets, BFF sister pacts, rubbed amulets and went to Comic World. There were squeals of delight about tiny pandas, cats, alpacas, changeable hair and clip on skirts. The Little One played with her favourite figure – Rosalee – all day, took her to bed, and ran back upstairs the next morning at breakfast time to fetch her for breakfast.

The Everdreamerz figures were a huge hit with my two. The perfect rainy day distraction for a fun screen-free morning. Series one is on their Christmas list and they’re saving up to buy more surprise boxes from series 2. In the words of the Big One: These are SO COOL.

Price £14.99 for Playmobil EverDreamerz Comic & Candy World Big Surprise Boxes & £5.99 for Surprise Boxes. Buy yours from

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