Sussex in Six: Family-friendly activities for September 2019

I love autumn. And autumn in Sussex is just lovely. There are so many fab family-friendly foodie things to do. Here are 6 of the seasonal things that we’ll be doing this September as we move from summer into autumn.

I’m planning to make this a monthly feature, let me know what you think of the new format in the comments box below.


We’re planning to head out for a lovely family brunch this weekend. Brunch is a super family-friendly foodie activity, especially if you have fussy eaters on board.

Pub Brunch

Lots of pubs round here serve brunch and have outside play areas. So, if your small people aren’t keen on sitting still, they can get their wiggles out while you wait or if you decide to grab another coffee after eating.

Sussex In Six Brunch at The Bull Ditchling
Kids’ Pancake at The Bull, Ditchling

The Bull or The Sportsman. Decisions, decisions…

If this glorious weather holds, it’s going to be another incredible weekend. The Bull is our go to – the kids’ brunch is spot on and the play area’s just perfect for a late sunny Sunday morning. But we’ve recently been to The Sportsman for coffee and may give the food and play area a whirl for a change. Watch this space!


I love a spot of blackberry picking. And there are some corkers out there at the moment.

Sussex in Six Blackberry Picking
Next level blackberry picking near our house…

Hopefully we’ll get out picking this weekend. I’ve got my eye on a couple of high spots. Does anyone else take a ladder and shears with them? Or is it just us…

Did you know that fresh blackberries are packed with lots of vitamin C, just in time for bolstering your immune system before cold and flu season is upon us.


It’s the Soil Association’s Organic September.

Organic September is a month-long campaign designed to encourage more people to try organic as a way to promote and educate people about organic food & farming practices.

We’re lucky to have some truly amazing local organic food producers here in Sussex. I’m a firm believer in organic and try to feed my family with organic food where possible. It’s better for the environment, wildlife and your body too.

Here are some fab local organic producers:

Cocoa Loco – I heartily recommend their double choc chip cookies.

Montezuma chocolate

Barcombe Nurseries fruit & veg

The Macs Farm eggs

Wayside Organics organic fruit & veg

Infinity Foods – for all of your organic store cupboard items (and delicious baked goods too)


A sticky chai latte is one of my fave autumnal drinks. It’s warming, spicy, milky and simply delicious.

Chai it at home

If you fancy making one at home, Bird & Blend Tea Co make a very decent loose leaf sticky chai with local raw Brighton honey. Steep a couple of spoons gently in a pan of warm milk or mylk and enjoy in a big mug.

Chai out

If you’re on the go, Flinders in Haywards Heath steep theirs in a tea pot and serve once perfect.

Chai de la Chai

Or, for the ultimate, I can’t recommend the Chilli Pickle’s chai latte highly enough. They blend their own chai and steep it over night. Enjoy after pudding or with a plate of Indian sweets. It’s an unmissable treat.


It’s been such gorgeous weather this last week, it doesn’t really feel like winter comfort food or soup season yet.

Perfect for an Indian Summer

A warm salad is the perfect foodie bridge between summer and autumn. I love roasting chunks of squash and mixing them with a few strands of chilli, plump cherry tomatoes, salad leaves, grilled halloumi and a sprinkle of toasted nuts with a simple dressing of olive oil and balsamic.

Six in Sussex Warm Summer Salad
🥗Late Summer Salad Prep 🥗

Making a meal of it

If we’re staying home, we try to make more of an effort with weekend lunches: homemade soups, omelettes, pasta dishes, big salads. Even better if you can pop out to a local farmers’ market or farm shop to grab a handful of fresh, local ingredients.

Here are some of my favourite Sussex farm shops:

Middle Farm, Sussex Peasant mobile farm shop, Rushfields farm shop


We haven’t been on a proper date night for ages. Summer and settling the girls into their new school routines has taken precedence. But as the dust settles, it’s time to think about making some space just for us.

I Still ❤️ You

Chilli Pickle, it’s always been you 😍!

Six in Sussex The Chilli Pickle Brighton
💙The Original Date Night: The Chilli Pickle 💙

Chilli Pickle, Every Time

Our favourite place is the Chilli Pickle, Brighton – our go to since they were in the South Lanes. We were in heaven when they relocated across the road from our flat all those years ago. Chilli Pickle on your doorstep is a good thing; you miss it when it’s gone.

Six in Sussex The Chilli Pickle Brighton
🤤 Divine Indian Sweets 🤤

Six Ways to a Sussex Autumn

So there we have it. The six things our family will be doing this September as the seasons change.

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What are your family’s fave Autumn traditions? Do you have any fab warm salad recipes or top spots for blackberry picking? Let me know in the comments below or come say hi over on one of my social channels – you’ll find the links over there on the right hand side.

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