#LoveSussexFood Roundup No. 7

Welcome to #LoveSussexFood lucky No. 7! It’s the last week of April and next week will see a new month ushered in. I’m really looking forward to May: two Bank Holidays, warmer weather, lighter evenings, and a trip to Somerset lined up at the end of the month. Maybe I’ll do a mini Sussex Born & Fed On Tour write up. I’m hoping to make it over to Canteen, the cafe at Yeo Valley 🤞🏻.

We’ve had a quieter week this week getting back into the swing of our normal routines. No fancy pants eating out last week for us. Our waist-lines and pockets thanked us. Saying that we popped into Brighton on Saturday for a spot of brunch at Moksha Caffe, grabbed some plastic-free groceries from HISBE Food and swung-by Barney’s Delicatessen for Jaki’s Perfectly Preserved tasting.

Roll on picnic weather!

I can’t wait for summer to be here so that I can start sharing some of my favourite Sussex picnic spots with you. Do you have any you’d like to share? My all time favourite is Stoneywish Nature Reserve over in Ditchling. We used to go regularly during the week in the sunnier months when it was super quiet. The girls had the best mornings here playing in the Jeep, on the tractor and in the wigwams. I love the space, the views, the quiet and the freedom it affords little ones. There are so many idyllic places to picnic too.

If you fancy getting a decent coffee before or after your trip to Stoneywish, Velusso is really close-by. It’s just over the road and it’s where I discovered Polite Society tea.


But first of all, it’s time to announce the winner of last week’s competition! Trumpets, please 🎺!

Brenda Melaniphy

Congratulations to Brenda for her fabulous poem starting with the sentence “I Love Sussex food because….” Your goodies will be with you very soon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

And here’s the poem in all it’s glory.

I love Sussex food because it tastes so fine,
Those Gingerbread Bakehouse biscuits…
They’re all mine!

Have you sipped on the delicious chai tea
That’s produced by Brighton’s very own
Tea co. Polite Society?

J.Cocoa’s signature bars are a dream
For any chocolate lover
It’s the cream de la “cream”!

If you fancy some salted caramel sauce
Head to Perfectly Preserved
They’re award winner’s of course!

So as you can see Sussex food is the way to go
Show your support, buy local
And watch these wonderful businesses grow!

Your Recommendations

A cracker of a recommendation arrived in my inbox from a good friend this week. My lovely friend Carla (also very talented creator of Paper Pebble) reminded me about Middle Farm.

The farm shop and tea rooms at Middle Farm near Lewes are delish and well worth a visit!

Thanks so much Carla, I love Middle Farm and haven’t been in an age. A great reminder to get over there soon ❤️. The girls adore the hay bales to jump around on and love petting the little animals in the petting shed too.

Six at 6pm with me, Katie at Sussex Born & Fed.

Here’s a list of my Sussex faves.

Katie’s Nuttery

Perfectly Preserved

Alsop & Walker

High Weald Dairy

Al The Pieman Limited

Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Adastra Deli


Lindfield Coffee Works

The Ginger Fox

Folkington’s Drinks

Selene Kombucha

Bookham Harrison Farms Ltd

The Macs Farm

Flinders Coffee

I shared some Flinders love last week on the blog and on the Sussex Born & Fed Facebook page. You guys are all over it too! Flinders: we ❤️ you! Laura Bailey sent a cute pic of her daughter in the coffee shop enjoying a yummy drink and The Parent Hood commented on the post to tell me that it’s the halloumi salad I need to go back for. I mean, I love halloumi so I can’t wait for my next trip to Haywards Heath to grab a salad. Yum. See you soon, Flinders!

If you have any other suggestions from the menu at Flinders or anywhere else in Sussex, for that matter, hook me up!

Kale and Cake Nutrition

I went for the first part of my MOT with Sarah last week and it’s given me so much to think about. If you want to spring clean or reassess your eating habits, I’d highly recommend a consultation. After filling out my eating diary and thinking about my habits I realised how much I rely on coffee, tea and biscuits to keep me going in-bewteen meals and how I’m perhaps not getting even the basics right. It’s so easy to overlook our own needs as parents isn’t it.

One thing you may have picked up on from my posts is that I’m constantly picking at or sharing the girls food. It’s actually quite rare (unless I’m going out for date night dinner) that I’ll have my own piece of cake or pudding, I usually opt for a coffee with a side of leftovers. Does this sound familiar to you?

So, since our meeting I’ve been dipping chunks of dark chocolate or dates into nut butter for a more sustaining protein packed snack (that also hits the sweet spot) but only when I’m actually hungry – not because I just fancy eating or because I’m replacing a proper meal with biscuits.

I’ve really enjoyed snack time this week with an added bonus that my children have a newfound love of almond butter. And I’ve been a lot less irritable and hangry. Boom.

If you’d like to find out more, check out Sarah’s website here.

Sussex foods we’ve tried and loved

Perfectly Preserved plum and fennel jam with Alsop & Walker Sussex Blue. These two are perfect companions. Even the girls enjoyed trying them. I was pretty blown away that The Big One liked blue cheese 💙. Kids can really surprise you sometimes can’t they.

We had another cracking find at Barney’s Delicatessen. It’s not a Sussex product but Mouse’s Favourite vegan cheese is a close-your-eyes and it’s the real deal spectacular vegan alternative. Their “cheese” is made using cultured cashews and almonds. The husband came away with a piece of the camembert to atop some crackers with the plum jam; I bought a piece of Sussex brie. We haven’t been able to share cheese boards for a long time and now we can. If you’re vegan or allergic to dairy and miss a decent chunk of cheese or cheese board experience, you need to head to Barney’s.

And as always, all the love for HISBE Food. I seriously wish that there was another branch of HISBE closer to home. I’d do a lot more shopping here if I could. The only thing that stops me is the hideous parking charges in Brighton. The girls absolutely love helping in store. We came way with paper bags full of apples, almonds, hazelnuts and dried mangos plus a jar of almond butter, a plastic-free avocado, naked, kiwi and orange. It’s all the fun of Woolworth’s pick and mix with none of the refined sugar rush and a whole lot more fibre 😉

Harry Potter wand (or for fanatics Fantastic Beasts wand) perfect for reaching those hard to poke spots

Where we ate

Sussex Motherpopped in on Friday for a playdate. Ended up staying for lunch. I had the grown-ups humous and pitta; the little one had the kids’ humous and pitta. What can I say, we like humous and pitta (they are served with other bits and pieces by the way – mine was delicious with yoghurt, falafel and pomegranate seeds). The whole menu is a joy. I really enjoy hanging out here.

Moksha CaffeMoksha came out top of the pops in the BRAVO Brighton Brunch Awards this year. They’re also listed as being very child-friendly and are close to the car park we use when we’re in town. So, pretty ideal all-round. It was super busy, there was a wait for a table but it was a really, really worthwhile wait because brunch was delicious. I mean, just look at this stack of banana pancakes 😍

That’s it for this week. If you have any recommendations that you’d love to have included in the next #LoveSussexFood roundup No.8, send them over. Come on now, don’t be shy!

We #LoveSussexFood, do you?

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