Flinders Coffee, Haywards Heath

Flinders Coffee in Haywards Heath is a firm favourite with the Sussex massive. It’s been hanging around on the top of my “to try” list for weeks. So many of you have recommended it to me as well as Lotte, Pie & Jess from the The Parent Hood and Gemma from Mutha.Hood

You all shout out the Sussex Charmer on toast and the cappuccinos with real chocolate shavings on top. I mean, what’s not to love about that sentence?

We finally made it over in the Easter holidays. And here’s our review.

The coffee shop 


Flinder’s is an unassuming cafe on the corner of South Road in Haywards Heath near Iceland. It’s easy to get to because there are loads of places to park close-by (on street & car park). It’s also really close to Victoria Park, which makes it a great mid-way point between shopping and letting kids run off some steam (or vice versa).

Once inside it’s pretty trendy. Wood panelling, metro tiles, dark wooden floor, industrial touches and shelves laden with bags of Lindfield Coffee Works coffee. I loved the Easter display behind us intermingled with coffee grinders, books about coffee and community flyers.


The vibe 

They have free wifi and you could just as happily come in here to do some work, meet up with a friend, feed your kids or baby. This is the sort of place that would have ticked all of my boxes when I was on maternity leave.

The food & drink

We ordered a pain au chocolat, a cappuccino (rude not to), a kid’s cheese and ham on toast and a kid’s hot chocolate.


The coffee is very good. The cheese on toast was delicious (I got a small finger), the little one loved her hot chocolate and was equally impressed with the shavings, I really enjoyed my pain au chocolat. We had a very pleasant mid-morning together.

I can see why everyone likes it here so much. There were lots of yummy looking lunch specials on the board including speciality sausage rolls and vegan dishes; they have a great choice of kids’ food; lots of tempting treats on the counter.

I heard a rumour that they make a mean sticky chai too, another of my favourites. I’ll try that next time.


The staff

Really pleasant. No complaints. Great coffee shop service, just how it should be.

The verdict 

All in all a fab recommendation and another great cafe to add to the list for when I’m running errands around Sussex. I’d even be tempted to swap Haywards Heath for Brighton for smaller shopping trips in the future and make a point of popping in for lunch – whether on my own or with the family.

Thanks to everyone who shouted out about Flinders ❤️.

Have you been? Are you a regular? What should I try next time I pop in? Any other classics at Flinders besides the great coffee, chocolate topped cappuccino and cheese on toast?

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