#LoveSussexFood No. 6 – Easter Break

I’ve had a fantastic break over Easter, especially as The Husband was off work with The Girls for the second week.  So nice to have everyone home; so sad to send them all back today. I hope you had a great Easter too. Any foodie highlights you’d love to share? Why not send me a message, comment on the Sussex Born & Fed Facebook wall or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you and your recommendation will be included in next week’s roundup.

So Over Easter

Is anyone else feeling the over indulgence from Easter? Now spring is really here I’m super excited to shake off winter’s heavier comfort foods in favour of lighter dishes and healthier snacks: bring on the salads. Who’s jeans are pinching after all the chocolate, hot cross buns and roast dinners? Yeah, me too.

I’m on the look out for new salad inspo – if anyone has any websites, blogs or books to recommend, I’m all ears.

I’m off for a consultation with Sarah, founder of Kale and Cake nutrition later this week. I’d really like to work on my caffeine and sugar intake and to be more mindful with eating in general. I’ll report back.

Tasty Tuesdays

Have I told you about Tasty Tuesdays? Mum and dad come down every Tuesday to visit my brother in Brighton. The 3 of them have been eating their way around the most fab restaurants and they’ve decided to call it Tasty Tuesdays.

My love of food comes from my parents who are arguably much bigger and much more knowledgable foodies than I’ll ever be. Mum’s eagle eyes, attention to detail and knowledge means that she’s also a much harsher critic than I am when we eat out; nothing gets past her. Since Christmas they’ve eaten at the The Little Fish Market (they loved it but were given a free round of drinks because her fish was undercooked – I told you – she’s a hard task master; try being her daughter), 64 Degrees (twice), Murmur, Isaac At (proudly, on my recommendation), old family fave The Chilli Pickle and The Coal Shed Restaurant to name but a few. Seriously, a few.

Last week they returned to 64 Degrees, which has been on my list of places to go for date night for over 2 years. They had a great first visit earlier in the year; they reckon it was the best meal they’ve eaten in Brighton to date – high praise indeed. This time, they had an awkward exchange with a member of staff about my brother’s peanut allergy. They were told that the whole tasting menu was unavailable to them because of his allergy; the dessert on the set menu contained nuts. I personally feel the this is inflexible as did another member of staff who offered an alternative pudding as part of the tasting menu. Imagine if they hadn’t questioned the first waitress. They’d have felt really short changed. But it’s never great to have to be a confrontational customer – it can really dampen an experience. It would put me off for sure. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard someone have a grump about 64 Degrees either.

With the nut allergy issue promptly sorted, they got on with eating and said that everything, just like the time before was incredible. My brother sent over some photos and I’m sure you’ll agree it all looks dreamy.


I’d be lying if I said their experience hadn’t put me off. It’s not a cheap night out and there are so many places malingering on my date night list – Chard, Market Restaurant, Pabellón. Not to mention that Flint House has just opened and we all know how I feel about a Ginger.

Have you been to 64 Degrees? I’d love to hear your experience as I weigh up whether we book it in for our next date night or head to one of the other’s on our list. Oh and Mum’s other top tip, sit at the pass if you can. She preferred watching what was going on in the kitchen compared to sitting on a table (thinking about it, it could’ve been because she was with my Dad and brother rather than the set-up in the restaurant. They have a special kinda “bantz” between them 😂)

Six at 6pm with Kathryn and Suzanne, founders of Sussex Bloggers

A couple of week’s ago I was lucky enough to feature the founders of Sussex Bloggers and superstar bloggers in their own rights, Kathryn & Suzanne, over on my blog. They came up trumps with some super recommendations and quite a few I hadn’t even heard of. When it comes to sampling the best of Sussex, these ladies have it down! Thank you so much for chatting with us. Here’s a rundown of their recommendations.

1066 Butchers

Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa

Thai Street Food Recommendation from the #LoveSussexFood Tweet Chat

I hosted a Tweet Chat a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who joined me. Special thanks go out to Dad’s Delicious Dinners.

Ian from Dad’s Delicious Dinner’s recommended Thai Street Food in Worthing for incredible Thai food (he should know, his kids are half-Thai 👌🏻). I’ve had a look and it looks great. I love their tagline “Fresh, local, authentic and friendly”. It looks right up my street. We’ll hopefully get a chance to head over there later this spring.

Talking of Tweetchat’s I’m planning on running another one soon. If you’ve been following the blog for a while you may have seen my Six at 6pm feature. I thought it would be fun to have a “Your Six”. Come and share YOUR Favourite Sussex faves with everyone. I’ll pop a reminder on my Facebook page once I’ve confirmed a time. Would love to see you there. And if you just feel like chatting on Twitter in the meantime, you can find me using the handle @Born_And_Fed

Sussex foods we’ve tried and loved

Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse Sussex Alberts. Seriously delicious Sussex honey biscuits.

Leppards butchers pork and herb sausages bought from The Sussex Peasant. Really, really delicious organic sausages.

Adastra Deli dips & houmous – these are extraordinarily delicious. We’ve tried both the plain and chipotle humous and have demolished another tub of the Californian dip. We’ll be back for more for sure.


The Sussex Produce Company pre-prepared salads. We tried out a tub of the beetroot superfood salad and puy lentil and roasted vegetable salad, served with some smoked mackerel for a fast and delicious dinner during the holidays

Highlights from our Easter Holiday eating around Sussex

Where to start! We’ve eaten so much delicious food. I’m going to give you a quick run down of where we went and will post more in-depth on my Facebook wall and blog over the next couple of weeks about what we ate. Be warned, it’s all pretty drool inducing!


If you’re talking champion of highlights, then it has to be etch. Hands down. I was so excited to go and try it out and I’m beyond excited to find an excuse (any excuse!) to go back again.


The Ginger Dog

My all time favourite Ginger restaurant. It’s super chilled up in the Dog in Kemp Town and the staff are just gorgeous. We had a night away from the girls when they broke up from school and decided to trek over to the Ginger Dog for a nice relaxing evening off.



A garden centre, farm shop and cafe in one. It’s really close to where I live and I often pop in for a handful of groceries or a coffee. I love that it’s table service and they have a huge selection of food for lunch.


Starfish & Coffee Brighton

Perfect brunch for kids (and their Mum).

Bun + Bean 

Great shout out from week’s ago. We really enjoyed the mean green bean burgers.

Tory’s Café in the Park 

A cute little coffee shop inside, a great place to take itchy pants kids on a sunny day if you fancy sitting out.

Flinders Coffee 

This coffee shop has been recommended to me time and time again, I couldn’t resist a visit with the Little One whilst her sister was having some tennis lessons. This will be my new stop off when visiting Haywards Heath. Cheese on toast to die for, great coffee and a very pleasant space.

Sussex Mother


You all know how I feel about Sussex Mother! We popped in one Saturday afternoon in-between errands. I absolutely adored the peanut butter and super greens with sriracha. This is such an inspired lunch idea. I’d have never thought to top peanut butter toast with green veg. A simple vegan option too.

Mabel’s Tea Room 

The girls favourite spot for a bite to eat and browse. We loved the Easter egg trail over Easter.

Adastra Deli

We stopped in for lunch on the way back from London. The quiches and soup were great, plus the cakes are delicious too. As you know, we’re massive fans of the homemade dips. A great addition to Hassocks High Street.

Steyning Tea Rooms

Super cute tea room in Steyning. The girls loved their little tea pots of juice and milk, not to mention lunch served in a picnic basket. What an adorable idea for children. I had stilton and pear rarebit and scraped my plate clean. It was incredible!

The Ginger Fox

Nothing beats sitting out in the garden at The Ginger Fox in summer and what a perfect evening Easter Sunday was for this. The play equipment was closed much to our horror on arrival. What will the girls do! They had no shortage of fun on the rope swing, playing hide and seek in the bushes and scaling a tree. The food was perfect and we had a thoroughly fab family Easter get-together.


And finally, Lewes Friday Food Market

I was so delighted when I saw that Lewes Friday Food Market was running on Good Friday. I’d suggested that the other half take a Friday off work at some point so I could show him around, but with a spare Good Friday knocking around and the market on, this really was the perfect opportunity.

Lewes Friday Food Market is a really wonderful market tucked away off the High Street in Lewes with loads of fantastic local produce. Last time I took the Little One for an adventure on her “Mummy Day” – you might remember that she had her first pretzel? When I said where we were going she insisted that we go back for more and get one for her sister too. Note: she still wasn’t prepared to share. It was such a pleasure to show the Big One around this time too. She enjoyed sampling the foods on offer (read: chocolate) and choosing ingredients for dinner. She also loved checking out all the exotic looking seafood and fish on offer at Veasey & Sons and chatting to the lovely ladies at Cheese Please.

We came away with a splendid haul of scallops, king prawns, sea bass fillets, vegan chocolate with honey comb, artisan bread, coffee beans, the most beautiful shortbreads you’ve ever seen, lemon posset pudding, cauliflowers and cheese.

Sadly, there were no pretzels when we arrived (we’d planned to get to the market early but got stuck in traffic) and there were some very long little faces. Oh well, nothing that can’t be cheered up with chocolate and cauliflowers. But now I know there’s such strong feelings about pretzels, we’ll just have to head back over very soon. If I could get to this market every week, I would. It’s an absolute treat.

Stalls visited this time around:

Veasey & Sons Fishmongers 


Pag’s Treats


The Pudding Company

Flint Owl Bakery

Jaju Beans & Leaves

Laines Organic Farm


If you have any recommendations that you’d love to have included in #LoveSussexFood round up Lucky No. 7, please send them over.

And thanks for reading.

We #LoveSussexFood, do you?

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