#LoveSussexFood Roundup No. 4 18/03/2019 – 25/03/2019

This week’s been a little quiet on the recommendation front. BUT there was the amazing, epic Six at 6pm with Mutha.Hood and we’ve continued on our very own gastronomic tour of Sussex.

Come and tell me all about your family’s favourite restaurant, cafe, shop, pub or food in Sussex. You can post a message on my wall, send me a photo, use the hashtag #LoveSussexFood in your own posts, DM me…

But for now, let’s carry on with this week’s #LoveSussexFood roundup.

Epic Six at 6pm with Gemma, Boss Lady of Mutha.Hood and AWESOME Sussex Mum to Big & Little Red Rundown

We’ve continued our own scrummy tour of Sussex.

The Pond Bao Buns & Donuts. Hands down one of my favourite lunches ever. The baos are divine and the fillings dreamy. The husband declared the bao donuts the best dairy-free (they’re vegan) pudding he’d ever had.

The purple carrot at No6 We tried the £6 supper last Thursday. Full review coming soon. We had such a relaxed family meal after swimming at this quirky bistro in Hassocks. The food was incredible value for money and really, really yummy. My halloumi burger was delicious as was The Husband’s trio of curry. The girls shared a jacket potato with cheese and beans and a piece of vegan rocky road. They loved it. Such a warm environment. The girls felt totally relaxed and at home. This is rare. We’ll be back!

Slake – gorgeous and very stylish coffee shop in Lindfield. See the Sussex Born & Fed blog for a full review of Slake and Lindfield Coffee Works here

Sussex Mother – are they beginning to be a victim of their own success? Went on Friday with some friends, Creation Station were there and the cafe was absolutely heaving! It was challenging to park, my friend had to circle the car park for 10 minutes because it was so busy! But this is great news. I’m glad it’s busy. We had such a lovely playdate. The children played, the baby slept, the mummies had coffee and chats. A very pleasant way to spend a morning.

Hampers DeliI won a competition, so went in to claim my prize on Friday. We had a free £5 lunch and a lovely chat with a the man running an olive tasting. We’re really lucky to have such a wonderful deli in our village. The takeaway sandwich menu is incredible, as are the breads and pastries, lots of lovely local produce and grocery items too. Definitely one to check out if you’re local or near Hurstpierpoint.

Hassocks Village Market. We popped over to this cute little market on Saturday morning. We didn’t need much because we had our Sussex Peasant delivery on Friday. But we couldn’t resist trying and buying lots of cheese from Cheesology; we ordered our stunning J.Cocoa Easter eggs and bought a bar of white chocolate for the weekend. Who doesn’t like a little bar of handmade artisan weekend chocolate?

The Royal Oak – bit of a mixed bag for us. The food was tasty and plentiful. My chicken roast was huge and very yummy. The kids portions were generous and well presented on smaller plates. The pirate ship in the kids play area is amazing. But you can’t combine the two. You can’t sit next to the pirate ship with your roast. At least not at this time of year. We totally understood the reasons why, but it meant we had ants in the pants kids who decided playing outside was much more fun than sitting inside. I didn’t take any distractions because, you know, pirate ship. Luckily for us they had a sticker book and pencils behind the bar but this wasn’t enough to velcro the children to their bouncy chairs. There was a lot of hushed “STOP that NOW”; not altogether relaxing or pleasant. We should’ve taken them on a long walk beforehand and we should’ve booked a later lunch. But originally we were a much bigger group, and bigger groups can only be accommodated at 12pm and 2.30pm. We headed straight out to the garden after lunch with coffee and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.

The Bull, Ditchling for birthday brunch and the perfect start to the week yesterday. If ONLY every Monday could start like this. I had perfectly cooked poached eggs that oozed over the smashed avos when cut; the eggs and avocado were set off by the sliced chilli and buttery sourdough 🤤; the birthday boy had a full English. We drank all the coffees and juice and enjoyed a very civilised and leisurely morning in the pub.


Murmur Restaurant Simply brilliant when it comes to eating out as a family. This is such a find for us. The girls asked to go back for The Little One’s birthday on Friday. I think that says it all. Beautiful views over the sea, incredible food for all the family, amazing kids’ menu, kids’ plates, cups and cutlery, colouring as standard, wonderful staff… I could go on but I’m saving it for the full blog post. In a nutshell, if you want the ultimate in child-friendly and great food, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion, you’d be hard pressed to find a better restaurant in Sussex, let alone Brighton.

Some of the yummy Sussex Produce we’ve tried

The Sussex Peasant delivery such a fab service. We had all sorts of meats, dairy, fruit and veg and bakery items to try. The sausages were so good compared to our usual supermarket variety and I love that they breakdown your invoice with food miles too. An easy and civilised way to enjoy Sussex produce.

Perfectly Preserved salted caramel – I’ve drizzled this over popcorn, smothered popcorn pieces in the sauce and scoffed and I may have eaten a couple of generous spoons straight from the jar. Yum.

Back Yard Coffee Roasters filter coffee bought in Larder in Ditchling. It’s a lovely smooth coffee in a very cleverly designed zipper bag. The perfect parental pick-me-up for breakfast, roasted in Ditchling.

Mamoosh pitta breads – Monday lunch is all about the pitta bread, pepper and humous. It’s what the little one asks to have for lunch every week without fail. It’s traditional. And the humous like the pepper has to be red. Or else. I nipped into Budgens in Hassocks to grab some groceries after breakfast at The Bull and low, Mamoosh bakery pittas are now being stocked. I love the commitment to local produce in Budgen’s. It makes supporting Sussex suppliers so darn easy. Mamoosh pitta breads are pillowy, soft and delicious and so much better than ANY supermarket brand of pitta I’ve ever had. And we’ve had a lot over the years. They are open and ready for filling without any irritating slicing through the side and ending up through the top. You know what I mean. I hate that and I bet you do too.

That’s it from our #LoveSussexFood round-up this week. We’ll be back next week with a whole bunch of new suggestions. And don’t forget that we need your help, names on a card, please! 🤩

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