Six at 6pm with… Gemma, Bosslady of Mutha.Hood

Hello Gemma from Mutha.Hood! Gosh, this is exciting!

You run the Almighty Mutha.Hood, an incredible online shop famous for the super cool Strong Girls Club tees. The story behind your creations is incredible. I’d urge anyone who hasn’t checked your shop out to head over and have a browse

I’ve been a big fan of your amazing Instagram account since we had a chat at Washbrooks last summer. Although I knew of your t-shirts, I’m super embarrassed to admit that I didn’t recognise you at the time and had no idea that you were local to Sussex. We had such a lovely chat about the trials and tribulations of raising strong, confident, emotionally resilient girl-children.

Since meeting you, I’ve been following your Instagram account and happen to know that like me you love food, especially a nice bit of cheese. We’d love to hear all about your local Sussex favourites…

So, let’s get down to your Six at 6pm!

1. Sussex food or drinks that make you go 😋

Sussex Ice Cream Company is quite possibly the most incredible ice cream that you will ever taste. We often head down to Bluebird Cafe in Ferring for a stroll, some fish and chips and a massive dollop of lemon meringue ice cream.  Our weekly Monday Bunday trip to Fellows Bakery in Ardingly is a life necessity. There really are no better chocolate donuts in the land, plus if you can add it on to the end of a trip to Wakehurst Place it’s like the cherry on the perfect day out cake for me.

2. Favourite place to go for coffee in Sussex?

Flinders in Haywards Heath is an absolute joy. They use real chocolate shavings on their cappuccinos and the toasted banana bread is the perfect pick me up treat

3. Favourite Sussex pub for a Sunday roast?

Ooooohh I have to admit that I’m always on the look out for a good roast! I really like The Bull in Ditchling, The Royal Oak in Poynings, The Talbot in Cuckfield, The Witch Inn, Lindfield but the quest for a Yorkshire Pudding the size of my head continues!

4. Favourite Sussex tipple?

Hands down a bit of Bolney Blanc De Noir fizz makes me happy.

5. Favourite Sussex dish or Sussex-inspired recipe?

Do you know, I couldn’t really list a Sussex inspired recipe off the top of my head. All I do know is that Sussex has an incredible food scene, with some amazing restaurants that are absolutely worth visiting. I love the choice and variety and Chilli Pickle will always be a winner. For our anniversary we went to etch. and I cannot explain what an immersive and fantastic experience that was.

6. Banoffee Pie or Sussex Pond Pudding?

Now, you had me at suet really, so I’m erring towards a Sussex Ponds Pudding. But then my best friend makes Banoffee pie the way where you pop a tin of condensed milk, still unopened, in water to boil and that really is a taste sensation.

Gemma, thank you so much, what an incredible Six at 6pm. Love your suggestions! Can’t wait to try out the Bluebird Cafe in Ferring, it looks utterly divine 💖 

If you hadn’t noticed it’s Mother’s Day soon…. You can buy all the best family merch from Gemma’s website or say hello on social media: Instagram / Facebook 

Six at 6pm with Gemma Bosslady of Mutha.hood for Sussex Born & Fed
Mutha.Hood mug and Folkingtons’s juice
Six at 6pm with Gemma Bosslady of Mutha.hood for Sussex Born & Fed
When life gives you lemons be the pink lemonade. Damn straight.
Six at 6pm with Gemma Bosslady of Mutha.hood for Sussex Born & Fed
We Believe In The Power of the Girl 💖

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