Six at 6pm with… Sarah, founder of Kale & Cake Nutrition

Hello Sarah from Kale & Cake Nutrition! You offer nutrition and eating psychology consultations from your home in Ditchling. Your focus is to help people find a healthier relationship with food. Packages range from quick MOTS to more in-depth explorations. Sessions start at £35 for an hour. Your goal is that clients leave your sessions feeling positive and empowered about their eating habits.

I love that your ethos is all about balance; that you can have your (kale and) cake and eat it! This is exactly the attitude that I hope my two daughters grow up with. I’m a firm believer that good nutrition is at the core of good health and happiness but eating a non-restricted balanced diet (including chocolate and sugar) is good for the soul too.

1. Sussex food or drink hero and what they make that make you go 😋?

I’m a really big advocate of shopping small and local, there are so many good businesses starting out and I always try to support them. Therefore I’m going to pick Katie’s of Katie’s Nuttery as my food hero. She is Brighton based and makes her own nut butters which are delicious. Anyone who knows me, knows I love nut butters – they are full of protein, healthy fats, keep you full, are great for a sweet tooth and brilliant to bake and experiment with. Her Holy Hygge Nut butter makes me go yummmmm!

2. Favourite place to go for coffee in Sussex?

The Green Welly in Ditchling, it’s just a few minutes from my children’s school and a lovely place to meet up with other mums for a well earned flat white. I’m a big coffee drinker, and they also have lovely cups!

3. Favourite Sussex pub for a Sunday roast?

For me it has to be The Jolly Sportsman in East Chiltington, it’s such a lovely pub in winter (with a fire) and in summer with a conservatory and a huge garden. We have been going regularly since we moved to Sussex, and it has never had an off day with its food. It’s always delicious!

4. Favourite Sussex tipple?

I feel like I should say Ridgeview who I know produce a lovely fizz, and the vineyard is literally a stone’s throw from my front door, but I’m not actually a big fan of fizz. I am partial to a good pale ale (at The Bull on a Friday after school’s out),) so I’d pick a Harveys IPA as my favourite Sussex tipple!

5. Favourite Sussex dish or Sussex inspired recipe?

I have to say I had to look up which dishes were Sussex inspired, and I can see pudding is big on this list and leads into your next question!

6. Banoffee pie or Ponds Pudding?

Neither actually tickle my fancy even though I love a pudding. But I’d pick the Banoffee over the Ponds Pudding as I’m not massively keen on suet. For me anything with chocolate is preferable as a pudding!

Thank you so much for chatting with us. It’s been a complete pleasure. I’ve just booked my MOT and can’t wait to talk all things cake and kale with you next month 🤩

Sarah has the most beautiful Instagram feed full of delicious food photos and recipes. Make sure you check out her feed and give her a follow. I’m planning to make her legendary sweet potato brownies at the weekend and I can’t keep my eyes off of this glorious chocolate porridge. Yum yummy yum yum!


If you’d like to find out more about Sarah’s consultations, you can find her website here  or say hello over on social Facebook / Instagram.

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