Bread & Milk Cafe, Brighton

Bread & Milk Cafe: ultra cool / ultra convenient

Bread & Milk cafe Brighton Sussex Born & Fed review
Bread & Milk cafe cool decor

We ended up in Bread & Milk on Saturday for lunch. We hadn’t planned to, but the heady combination of family hanger and a child desperate for a wee led us straight into the arms of an old favourite.

I love this cafe. I’m not sure how long it’s been around but it must have been a while because I’ve got photos of my eldest as a baby in here and I also remember stopping off for a lemonade when I was heavily pregnant and overdue with her too (I remember it well because it was a boiling hot day and I was ready to pop and possibly at risk of going into labour right there and then…). Bread & Milk sits on the corner of Trafalgar Street and Whitecross Street in the North Laine and is a perfect stop off for us because it’s right next to the car park.

The Cafe

Bread & Milk cafe Brighton Sussex Born & Fed review

I’m a huge fan of the interior, which is all white metro tiles, greys, cute ledges of plants, brass lights and industrial flourishes. In fact it was the inspiration for my beloved kitchen in our old house. It’s usually pretty busy and there are window seats outside for sunnier days. Inside, it’s bright and light and pretty minimal. I love the way that the sun streams in through the window on this sunny little corner of Brighton; I also love that I can see my first Brighton flat out of the window 😍

The Food & Drink 

Bread & Milk cafe Brighton Sussex Born & Fed review
Bread & Milk cafe Brighton Sussex Born & Fed review

There’s a great selection of food and drinks; there’s something for everyone… a carefully curated selection of sour dough sandwiches, flat breads, croissants and cakes. Loads of vegan options and several different types of mylk. You can choose your favourite milk or mylk for no additional charge, which isn’t always the case. The coffee is roasted in Brighton by Pharmacie Coffee; the selection of teas are from Polite Society another Brighton company. Juice is again, from one of our Sussex favourites, Folkington’s Drinks.

Bread & Milk cafe Brighton Sussex Born & Fed review

The girls had cheese and ham croissants, the big one had a hot chocolate and the little one an apple juice. The sandwiches are huge and delicious so I shared a vegan sausage sandwich with the other half. It was a great sandwich, artisan bread, chutney, salad… lots of lovely flavours. We both had a much needed coffee. I tried to give up caffeine earlier in the year but coffee is the fuel of the modern day parent. And if I’m going to drown my tired-wooly head in caffeine, I like it to be a decent coffee.

Bread & Milk cafe Brighton perfect latte
Bread & Milk cafe Brighton Sussex a popular choice
As you can see, everything was super popular.

The Staff

The staff are friendly and the seats are arranged in such a way that it’s not at all stressful with small people. And another thing, the loo! We often stop off for a drink and a wee, as our children have a habit of being caught short when we’re on our way into Brighton or just before getting into the car on the way home. There are no public loos that I’m aware of in the North Laine. Is it me or does anyone else find this problematic? It’s a real issue when you have small children who can’t forward plan their wees and poos 😒.

Anything Else at Bread & Milk?

They’re right on the zero waste money, with reusable cloth bags and keep cups for sale, money off for take outs in reusable cups and a help yourself tap for glasses of water or for refilling your own water bottle.

Bread & Milk cafe Brighton Sussex Born & Fed review

The Verdict 

All in all a very pleasant cafe, serving decent coffee, great food, which is aesthetically pleasing, conveniently located and a pleasure to sit in with children.

Have you tried Bread & Milk? Are you a local there? If you try it for a first time, come back and let me know how you get on 😘

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