Six at 6pm with… Lotte, Pie & Jess, founders of The (Parent) Hood

Hello Lotte, Pie & Jess from The (Parent) Hood! Thanks for joining us over at Sussex Born & Fed. We’re really excited to have you here.


You’re the amazing group of mums behind The (Parent) Hood, organising lots of lovely events for new parents in Haywards Heath.  Your main goal is to provide a supportive and fun environment where parents can make friends and learn about local businesses and services. Your Cosy Cumnor events run regularly at Cumnor House in Haywards Heath and are open to all parents with children under 3 years old. You’ve hosted child-free Fizz Friday’s at Orange Square and promote a whole host of things to do in and around Haywards Heath.

Connection to other adults is so important in the early years of parenting – all new mums and dads can vouch for that. Supporting our local businesses is at the heart of community too. When I first stumbled across you on Instagram I was really struck by your mission. It’s such a fresh approach. I really love your ethos.

You’ve got exciting plans to expand your awesome community across Sussex. We can’t wait to see what the future holds fo you.

So, let’s get down to your Six at 6pm!

1. Your Sussex food or drink hero and what they make that makes you go 😋?

Jess: Chilli Pickle in Brighton for their vegan thali. Their service is incredible and the quality and flavour of their food is delicious!

2. Favourite place to go for coffee in Sussex?

Pie: I adore the newest addition to the Lindfield High Street, Slake; it is super stylish, and a lovely place to relax, sans toddler. It gets bonus points for being dog-friendly, too.

3. Favourite Sussex pub for a Sunday roast?

We felt we all had to answer this one, as we each have our own requirements!

Jess: I struggle to find good vegan roasts but was pleasantly surprised to find a local pub, The Snowdrop Inn, serving a mega-delicious, all-the-trimmings roast at The Snowdrop Inn in Lindfield.

Pie: I love The Prince George in Brighton for brilliant veggie roasts.

Lotte: it has to be The Lion and Lobster in Brighton for a hearty carnivore’s dream of a roast lunch!

4. Favourite Sussex tipple?

Jess: obvs Brighton Gin x 1,000

5. Favourite Sussex dish or Sussex-inspired recipe?

Lotte: Flinders in Haywards Heath do a fantastically simple, yet moreish cheese on toast using Sussex Charmer, served on sourdough with apple, date and ginger chutney – they also run workshops teaching you how to preserve and replicate the chutney in your own home!

6. Banoffee Pie or Sussex Pond Pudding?

We all agreed on not knowing a single thing about Sussex Pond Pudding, so it absolutely has to be Banoffee.

Pie can also vouch for the delectable banoffee muffins at Sussex Mother in Hassocks, and Lotte devoured the scrumptious banoffee cheesecake at Cafe Elvira in Borde Hill.

Wow, what a jam packed Six at 6pm! Loving your fab selection. You’ve managed to take me down memory lane with the Brighton-based Prince George and Lion & Lobster shout outs AND given me some new places to add to the “must try” list ❤️ 

Thanks so much for sharing with us 😘


You can find details of events run by The (Parent) Hood on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook – @theparenthoodgang
Instagram @theparenthoodgang

All photo credits to Claire at Little Acorns. Looking for an events or family photographer? Why not check out her website or say to her on Instagram 

3 thoughts on “Six at 6pm with… Lotte, Pie & Jess, founders of The (Parent) Hood

  1. Kathryn Burrington

    That’s a fabulous selection they’ve made there! Some places I know and some that are new to me. My favourite roast though has to be The George at Eartham in West Sussex and can I put in a word for Troll Burgers under the arches beneath Brighton Station, the best organic burger there is! But you’ll need to know when to look to find them there. Blog post coming soon!

    1. Katie Yarde

      Ooh, can’t wait to read your post about Troll Burgers. Perhaps one for a lunchtime with the other half. Thanks for the tip about The George. Do you mind if I add your recommendation to my #LoveSussexFood roundup this week?

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