Six at 6pm with… Sarah, founder of Cocoa Loco

Hello Sarah from Cocoa Loco! We’re huge fans of Cocoa Loco here chez Sussex Born & Fed. You can always find a little brown box of something Coco Loco tucked away in our treat cupboard. We especially love your chocolate shop and cafe in Swan Walk, Horsham. In fact, we never manage to pass-by without popping in for one of your delicious hot chocolates and a box of something yummy to take home! Our girls are huge fans of your buttons and chocolate dipped mangos; my other half loves your vegan range, which is perfect for him given his milk allergy; and I’m rather partial to, well, everything but especially your double chocolate cookies.

Ok! Ready, Set, Six at 6!

 1. Your Sussex food or drink hero and what they make that makes you go 😋?

Carole Lindsay from the Naked Food company recently catered for my 50th Birthday party and she was amazing, I’m determined to get my hands on her truffle mac and cheese recipe.

2. Favourite place to go for coffee in Sussex?

The Cocoa Loco cafe in Swan Walk, we use beans from Horsham Coffee Roasters and the milk comes from Goodwood Farm. We also offer 4 types of plant milks for those who prefer dairy free.

3. Favourite Sussex pub for a Sunday roast?

We don’t tend to go out for Sunday roasts as our family is a mix of Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescatarian and Omnivore. However we recently had an amazing afternoon tea at South Lodge and they were able to cater for all of our dietary preferences.

4. Favourite Sussex tipple?

Brighton Gin, or Ridgeview Bloomsbury sparkling wine….or both!

5. Favourite Sussex dish or Sussex-inspired recipe?

Ripe Tart, the Sussex version of Bakewell Tart from the village of Ripe.

6. Banoffee Pie or Sussex Pond Pudding?

Banoffee, but filled with my salted caramel sauce.

Thanks Sarah, it’s been a complete honour. We ❤️ Cocoa Loco so much in our family! And I’m definitely picking up some of your salted caramel sauce next time I’m in the shop 🤤.




Cocoa Loco chocolate is 100% fair trade, organic, handmade and truly scrumptious. They’re now stocked in shops nationwide as well as lots of local independent shops. If you fancy a very indulgent treat you must try out their wonderful chocolate shop and cafe in Swan Walk Horsham. It’s super child-friendly and featured in our Best Babycino Guide a couple of weeks ago. 


You can find details of Coca Loco on their website  or say hello on social media:

Twitter – @cocoalocochoc
Facebook – @cocoalocochoc
Instagram – cocoalocochoc

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  1. Lucy At Home

    Ooo this looks delicious! I’ve not come across this company before #blogcrush

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