Six at 6pm with… Charlotte from Charlotte’s Cupboard

Hello Charlotte from Charlotte’s Cupboard! We’re super sad to hear today that you’ve decided to close Peggy’s doors. You were the UK’s very first zero packaging shop on wheels and we really loved using your amazing delivery service last year. Our girls will really miss your dried mangos and peanut butter fudge. But we wish you well in your new and exciting future projects.

Right-ho, let’s get down to your six at 6pm

  1. Favourite Sussex brand and what do they make that makes you go 😋?

Wow, there are sooooo many! I think I may have to say Infinity Foods as they are a well recognised ‘brand’ and a beacon of Sussex life. Not to mention pioneers in ethical, sustainable foods.

2. Favourite place to go for coffee in Sussex?

Sat in: Twin Pines, Brighton

Out and about: Hannah’s Van, in and around Lewes and Brighton (even better that her van is another version of Peggy!)

With food: The Longhouse Cafe, Brighton

3. Favourite Sussex pub for a Sunday roast?

The Cock, Ringmer – they do a good vegan roast!

4. Favourite Sussex tipple?

Brighton Gin

5. Favourite Sussex dish or Sussex-inspired recipe? 

I would say a good Sussex apple juice! I know it’s not a dish, but our Sussex apples are well-known cuisine down here! My 2 faves are: Laines Organic Farm’s & Oakwood Farm – their Fiesta version.

6. Banoffee Pie or Sussex Pond Pudding?

Find me a vegan version, and I would be happy to taste!

Thanks for hanging out with us and we’ll put on our thinking cap about those vegan Sussex puddings for you 😉


Find Charlotte’s Cupboard on social to see what new and inspiring projects they have up their sleeves in the future:

Twitter – @chars_cupboard 

Instagram – Charlottes_Cupboard 

Facebook – charl0ttescupboard

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